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01 September 2015 @ 02:37 pm
Happy Belated birthday to Matsujun, Yuto and Nino<3  
well im late but better just congratulate all of them in one post..

well already say omedetou to all of them in twitter..
Happy belated birthday to Neen and also Kazapon again XD
but seem Jun just 2 days ago so i just wanna say Happy Birthday again to Matsumoto Jun and Nakajima Yuto who both born in august<3
also happy birthday to everyone else who i miss XD

thank you their mom for always giving birth to them (quoting Ohno)

hope all of them will always be healthy, happy&successful in everything they do<3

maybe my next post would compile Ohno, Sho,Aiba&Koichi birthday omedetou in one post again lol